A Sustainable Plastic Manufacturing Alternative for Numerous Industries

Bioplastics are making a significant mark across various sectors, including consumer products. They are known to be more durable, have a lower carbon footprint, and can be recycled more easily than traditional plastic, making them an innovative and responsible option for businesses focused on eco-friendly practices.

As a premier bioplastic manufacturer supporting the UK market, A Life aims to provide tailored bioplastic solutions which are kinder to the environment. With our expertise in bioplastics, we are equally committed to producing high-quality products and preserving the earth.

A Life

Leveraging Biomass for the Circular Economy

There is a growing movement among modern consumers to transition to a circular economy where single plastics are replaced with renewable plastics. This is why A Life offers biodegradable plastic manufacturing for UK businesses – so your brand can be at the forefront of an increasingly carbon-neutral market.

Our bioplastics are made from corn starch and other biomass feedback materials such as rice husks, agricultural waste, sugar, and natural fibres. They are non-toxic, metal-free, and capable of decomposing into water and carbon dioxide under specific conditions, making them a suitable choice for your product needs.

Reduced Carbon Footprint
Renewable Resources
Sustainable Manufacturing
Durable & Recyclable

Why Choose A Life Bioplastic Products?

  • Tailored to you business needs

    Tailored to you business needs

    Using our extensive experience in bioplastic manufacturing, we offer bespoke solutions to meet diverse market demands.

  • Compliance with Environment and Safety Standards

    Compliance with Environment and Safety Standards

    Our production processes align with international certifications such as ISO9001 and BSCI, including UK environmental and safety regulations environmental responsibility.

  • A Dedication to Sustainability

    A Dedication to Sustainability

    Our use of renewable, recyclable materials underscores our commitment to reducing waste and promoting a sustainable future.


How does bioplastic compares to traditional plastic?

Bioplastic is made from renewable plant materials and offers a biodegradable yet equally high-performing alternative to traditional plastic. It is known to be more durable and easier to recycle, as well as reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.

What sort of bioplastic should I use?

Bioplastics can be customised to fit applications across a broad range of consumer goods. They can be designed to last for years or to biodegrade more quickly depending on your goals. We can help you select the right sort of bioplastic for your needs.

What type of products can be made with bioplastics?

Bioplastics can be used to manufacture products such as kitchenware, toys, furniture, homeware, and giftware, plus items across industries from agriculture to scientific research. We can customise bioplastic formulations to suit your needs, including multi-material product combinations.

Is A Life's biomass sustainable?

We follow strict environmental practices in sourcing sustainable biomass from Finland and Sweden. Our suppliers adhere and exceed world-leading Scandinavian standards, planting five trees for every one cut down.

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