Add Sustainable Drinking Bottles To Your Product Line

Looking to expand your product line with drink bottles while still adhering to your environmental commitments? A Life is here to help.

As large-scale, multi-material manufacturers, we create sustainable products for the benefit of future human generations, and for the Earth itself. Our environmentally friendly water bottle manufacturing services ensure you produce the drink bottles you need without sacrificing on cost, or on your carbon footprint.

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Why Glass and Bioplastic Drinking Water Bottles?

A Life's glass containers and bioplastic lid manufacturing practices ensure our factories leave a smaller ecological footprint. Furthermore, when subject to specific temperatures and humidity levels, i.e., in landfill, our bioplastic water bottle lids biodegrade into basic water and carbon dioxide, degrading much faster than traditional plastic bottles, which have an extremely long lifecycle.

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Why Choose A Life As Your Sustainable Drinking Water Bottle Manufacturer?

  • Lower Carbon Footprint

    Lower Carbon Footprint

    The widespread use of single use and non-degradable plastic bottles is terrible for the environment, as well as becoming increasingly expensive. By using glass and incorporating biomass and plant-based raw materials for our lids, we can reduce our reliance on environmentally harmful fossil fuel-based resources.

  • Recyclable, Compostable, Biodegradable

    Recyclable, Compostable, Biodegradable

    When compared to petrochemical plastics, our glass water bottles' bioplastic lids degrade much faster, while containing no toxins, making them a much healthier product for the environment.

  • Improved Durability

    Improved Durability

    Glass and bioplastic bottles are known to be more durable than traditional plastic bottles, while providing equal or even superior performance, making them a much higher quality product for your customers.

  • Reduces Plastic Pollution

    Reduces Plastic Pollution

    Using glass drinking bottles with bioplastic lids that break down naturally through composting or biodegradation, you can greatly reduce the amount of plastic pollution generated from single-use plastic drink bottles.

  • Enhanced Marketability

    Enhanced Marketability

    Investing in glass and bioplastic drinking bottles is not only beneficial to the environment – it can also be profitable. With more consumers focusing on the environment, a shift to glass and bioplastic water bottles can help to endear your brand to the masses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are A Life Drinking Bottles Made Of?

A Life drinking bottles are made primarily from glass and bioplastic. These materials have been selected for their environmental benefits over traditional plastic bottles.

Why Choose Glass And Bioplastic Over Traditional Plastics?

Glass and bioplastic are simply more environmentally friendly. More specifically, A Life's bioplastic lids decompose into water and carbon dioxide under certain temperatures and humidity levels, degrading much faster than traditional plastics.

Are A Life's Drinking Bottles More Sustainable?

A Life's drinking bottles have a lower carbon footprint and are recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable. These products also reduce plastic pollution by replacing single-use plastic drink bottles.

Can Investing In A Life Drinking Bottles Be Profitable For Businesses?

Absolutely! With a growing consumer focus on environmental considerations, shifting to glass and bioplastic water bottles can enhance a company's appeal to the masses and subsequently boost profits.

How Can Businesses Add A Life Drinking Bottles To Their Product Line?

Companies interested in expanding their product line with environmentally friendly drink bottles can contact A Life for more information about our sustainable water bottle manufacturing services.

Choose Sustainable Drinking Bottles Today

As sustainable glass and plastic bottle manufacturers, A Life offers our clients an affordable means to manufacture the products they need, while simultaneously reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions. Stay ahead of the market as industry regulations and consumers trend towards an environmentally friendly, carbon-neutral future.

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