Sustainable Products You Can Trust

All our products are tested in-house at our VOM inspection lab, and we liaise with third-party testing institutions on an ongoing basis.

Meeting High Standards, Naturally

Our products consistently pass all LFGB and FDA testing regulations, and we have gained numerous international qualifications.

Certified Sustainable, Guaranteed Quality

We are certified for ISO9001, BSCI, WCA, and FSC to ensure you and your customers receive premium quality sustainable products that are safe to use.

Sustainable Materials

  • Sustainable Wood

  • Glass

  • Bioplastic

  • Stainless Steel

  • Silicone

We manufacture our wood products using internationally recognised FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council) materials. This ensures forests are managed responsibly to preserve biodiversity, benefit local communities and forestry workers, and sustain economic viability.

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Our premium-quality, strong Borosilicate glass is 100% recyclable and can be used repeatedly, ensuring it does not end up in a landfill. It can also withstand extremely high temperatures; you can take it out of the freezer and put it straight into the microwave without any issue.

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We manufacture our biodegradable plastics using a wide range of cutting-edge eco-friendly materials. From bioplastics such as corn starch, to biomass feedstock materials like rice husks, agricultural waste, sugar, and natural fibres, manufacturing with sustainable plastics results in a smaller ecological footprint.

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We use food-grade, nickel-free, non-toxic, and non-allergenic stainless steel. It is long-lasting, durable, and has excellent resistance to rust. Stainless steel can be continuously recycled while maintaining its heavy-duty strength and valuable properties like retaining heat and cooking food evenly.

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We manufacture products using FDA-approved food-grade silicone to ensure the safety of your customers. Resistant to the build-up of residues, silicone is an ideal alternative to single-use plastics. It can be cleaned and used repeatedly, dramatically reducing plastic pollution.

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Building Better Products for A Better World, Together

With over 20 years in the manufacturing industry, our continuous goal at A Life is to achieve more sustainable production and change the global blueprint of how multi-material lifestyle products are manufactured.

We take this ambition seriously, just as we aim to provide excellent service to our clientele. As reliable partners whose service is grounded in integrity, we consistently and conscientiously invest in adding genuine value to our client relationships.

About us

Partner with A Life to Build a Sustainable Future for All

  • Multi-Material Manufacturing

    Multi-Material Manufacturing

    We specialise in manufacturing environmentally sustainable products made from certified and teste wood, bioplastic, silicone, stainless steel, glass, and other multi-material combinations.

  • Innovative Production Technologies

    Innovative Production Technologies

    We use environmentally friendly production technologies capable of manufacturing products that require precise design standards, allowing you to customise products for your customers.

  • Clean, Green & Compliant

    Clean, Green & Compliant

    Our products consistently meet all LFGB and FDA testing regulations. We are ISO9001, BSCI, WCA, and FSC certified, as well as receiving numerous other international certifications.

  • Ideal For Lifestyle Businesses

    Ideal For Lifestyle Businesses

    A Life’s sustainable products are tested, certified safe, and made of premium, durable quality materials – perfect for F&B and home appliances businesses.

  • Eco-Friendly & Pocket Friendly

    Eco-Friendly & Pocket Friendly

    Our manufacturing services determine the number of products you need to produce based on your custom design and requirements to make it worthwhile for everyone involved.

Customer Testimonials

We have collaborated with A Life for nearly a decade. Of the dozens of manufacturers with whom we've worked over the years, A Life is among the very best. Their communication, reliability, attention to detail, and workmanship are excellent. We attribute much of our company's success to A Life's superb service and fair pricing. Thank you for all that you do Ivan to make Areaware a success. We appreciate you and your amazing team!

Lisa Yashon, Owner, Areaware

We are happy and pleased to work with you, Ivan, and A Life: Your collaboration, professional advice, and quality are highly appreciated. We were lucky to meet you and your team.

Nico, Owner, VOIS Glass Concepts

A Life has been a trustworthy and reliable partner for us for many years. They go above and beyond to esnure our projects get developed exactly as per the clients' wishes. When we first started asking our suppliers for more sustainable ways of doing business a few years ago, A Life was the first to come onboard and have since exceeded expectations. We love working with Ivan and his team!

Tom, Director, DC Management (HK) Ltd.

Working in a fast industry, where ideas and creativity are always flowing, the urgency to innovate and troubleshoot designs is important. The Areaware PD team can always count on A-Life to help us find solutions to every obstacle we face when developing a collection, no matter how crazy the idea may be. They are resourceful, flexible, and adaptable, but above all, they are friends. Ivan and his team send us greetings throughout the year for special occasions and show us that they care beyond the business.

Speaking on my and the PD Team's behalf, we're proud to be working with you.

Roberto Fantauzzi, Chief Design Officer, Areaware

I have worked with A Life for over 12 years. They have consistently delivered products of the highest quality, on time, and to budget. Even after all these years, A Life continues to evolve and develop, offering the latest in materials, processes, and machinery.

I cannot thank Ivan and his team enough for their dedication to our work and orders. Their team of support staff and engineers are team players who do an outstanding job from the inception of a project right through to product delivery. They often come back to us with cost cutting suggestions and ways to improve in the production of the product.

We've developed and produced designs that other suppliers could not achieve. With their valued input and advice we've achieved market launch and success. We could not have satisfied our customers without a supplier of Alife's pedigree. We're lucky to have such a partner.

Oliver Rendall, Head of Business Development, Abdoolally Ebrahim Housewares Limited

We have enjoyed working with A Life and we're pleased with the quality of your service. Your efficiency on lead time, outstanding product quality, as well as friendly customer service are much appreciated. We at OTL look forward to doing business with you for years to come.

Irene Kuo, Procurement Officer, Oceania Trade Link (OTL)

Working with our Account Manager, Wayne, and A Life has been an absolute pleasure! Wayne is always so prompt, so courteous, and has helped myself and Areaware on so many occasions with such grace and knowledge. We so appreciate our partnership with Wayne and A Life.

Sara Friebe, Areaware

Working for many years with A Life we would like to confirm they are a reliable and trustworthy business partner who always shows professionalism and commitment to a job well done. Being highly skilled with advanced technologies they are always ready to respond to our requests, and to finding quality solutions based on their expertise. Flexibility, communication, and fast responses are appreciated and can be counted on. Our business relationship is continuously growing on a basis of fairness, and we would highly recommend this company to anyone who wants a long-term partner.

Valeriu Muresan, VOIS Glass Concepts