Our premium quality, strong Borosilicate glass is not a fragile material. On the contrary, it can withstand extremely high temperatures; you can take it out of the freezer and put it straight into the microwave without issue.

100% Recyclable Glass Can Be Used in Multiple Product Configurations

At A Life Sustainable Works, glass is used in many of our products. With its resistance to temperature, deformities, stains, water infiltration, and humidity, glass is an optimal choice for many different industries. There’s a reason people use glass when putting messages in a bottle. 

We’ve manufactured products using various types of glass in homeware, kitchenware, and bathroom products, but we’re not limited to these market segments. Glass has proven to be excellent in the kitchen due to its non-porous construction. It’s hygienic, simple to clean, and resistant to mould and bacteria.

A Life
Eco-friendly Products
Heat and Cold Resistant

'Fruitful Beginnings' Long Filtered Tea Decanter

Product volume:


Product material:

SUS304 stainless steel and High Borosilicate Glass (HBG)

Product benefits:

Stronger and more durable than ordinary glass; can be heated with an open flame

'Afternoon Tranquility' Glass Tea Cup

Product volume:


Product material:

High Borosilicate Blass (HBG)

Product benefits:

This type of glass is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and healthy

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of glass should I use in my product?

There are many different types of glass, so what you require is based on your specific application. Some types of glass are machine made, while others are made from molds, blown, or blown and turned. If you require high resistance to temperature, borosilicate glass is your best option. There’s also crystal glass and soda lime glass. We’ll look at the shapes required in your design, the product’s purpose, and we’ll then provide you with viable options.

What are the main factors affecting price when manufacturing a multi-material product using glass as one its major materials?

The most important considerations affecting a product’s manufacturing cost when glass is included are how thick the glass is, and the production MOQ (minimum order quantity). Depending on your design, we’ll ascertain how many items need to be produced to make it worthwhile for all involved.

Are you able to perform techniques to make glass in our products look luxurious and premium quality?

We can offer a wide range of artisan glass manufacturing techniques including etching, sandblasting, laser engraving, and various methods to showcase your brand’s logo.

Why Choose A Life Glass Jars?

  • Resonate with Consumers

    Resonate with Consumers

    Modern consumers take care when making purchases, as they feel their choices reflect their values and identity. Sell products that resonate with the view of making a better world. People are more than willing to invest.

  • It’s All About Taste

    It’s All About Taste

    People love drinking and eating food out of glass containers because even after encountering heat or cold, natural flavours are retained – nutrition too. There’s no need to contend with strange tastes, odours, or stains.

  • Attractive and Useful

    Attractive and Useful

    Glass looks so appealing when integrated into innovative product designs; and it’s a genuinely multipurpose material. Glassware can be used for storing, baking, heating, and freezing solid foods and liquids.

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