An Environmentally Friendly, Robust Choice for a Diverse Range of Industries

Silicone is widely used in kitchenware, healthcare, construction, and transportation because it is durable, flexible, non-toxic, temperature-resilient, and resistant to corrosion. This recyclable, eco-friendly material poses minimal risk to the environment during production, and emits no harmful substances when burned, making it a sustainable, high-performing solution.

As leading silicone product manufacturers for the US market, we offer an ability to tailor your range of FDA-approved, food-grade silicone items. Our products are designed with sustainability and safety in mind, and our versatility means we can manufacture solutions for numerous applications, showcasing quality and a commitment to environmental responsibility.

A Life
Food Safe
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Why Choose A Life Silicone Products?

  • Designed To Meet Your Needs

    Designed To Meet Your Needs

    With our extensive experience in silicone manufacturing, we can design tooling to produce custom solutions for your market segment.

  • Hygiene and Safety Assurance

    Hygiene and Safety Assurance

    Our factory uses FDA-approved silicone to meet strict health and safety product standards, ideal for sensitive environments like kitchens and hospitals.

  • Eco-Friendly Commitment

    Eco-Friendly Commitment

    Our products can be made with recyclable silicone materials, demonstrating our dedication to a healthier planet.

The Busy Baker's Work Mat (Pink)

Product specifications:

40cm x 60cm

Product material:

Food-grade silicone

Product benefits:

Non-slip surface; easy to clean


What are the main uses for silicone?

Silicone is ideal for food-safe products and is an excellent adhesive and sealant in multi-material products where water-tight connections are required. It is a wonderful alternative to single-use plastics, as it can be cleaned and used repeatedly.

Which type of silicone do I need for my product?

Depending on your geographical location and its respective regulations, you may need food-grade silica gel, or organic silica gel. We assist in determining the best type of silicone for your product and its compliance with local laws. A Life ensures all silicone destined for the US has attained its related VOC test reports.

What level of hardness should I request?

The hardness of silicone varies quite a lot. We analyze your product's functional needs and then suggest a range between 50%-60% for most applications, and 70%-80% for others, depending on specific requirements.

Are A Life’s silicone products safe and eco-friendly?

Our products are made from FDA-approved materials, and they can be recycled, ensuring environmental health and user wellbeing.

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