FSC-Certified Wood

With our FSC-certified wood, you can trust our wood comes from responsibly managed forests, promoting conservation and reducing our ecological footprint.

Giving Back To The Life That Provides To Us All

We wholeheartedly believe in giving back to the very life that sustains us – the Earth.

Our commitment to sustainability fuels our passion for working with wood. We take pride in using wood which has been grown and harvested using responsible practices. Our skilled woodworkers meticulously craft beautiful products using lathes and other woodworking tools, catering to the custom designs of our valued wholesale and B2B customers.

Every piece of wood we work with was once a living tree, and we strive to infuse its natural vitality into our creations. Crafting our wood products is a labour of love in which we pour our hearts and souls into each product, ensuring it reflects the essence of life.

A Life
Eco-friendly Products
Sustainable Solutions
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Why Sustainable Wood Products?

  • Environmental Responsibility

    Environmental Responsibility

    Our wood products are crafted using FSC-certified materials, ensuring they come from responsibly managed forests. By choosing our products, you contribute to conserving forests and supporting sustainable practices.

  • Exquisite Aesthetics

    Exquisite Aesthetics

    Each piece of wood we work with displays a natural beauty that adds elegance and charm to our multi-material creations. Our products radiate a unique appeal, enticing people via diverse colours and intricate wood grain patterns.

  • Enduring Durability

    Enduring Durability

    Our wood products are designed to withstand the test of time. Whether it's a product for kitchenware, home décor, or another industry, you can trust in their robustness and resistance to everyday wear and tear.

  • Time-Honoured Tradition

    Time-Honoured Tradition

    Wood has been an integral part of human history for over 1.5 million years. By choosing our sustainable wood products, you connect with this rich tradition while supporting eco-friendly practices.

Danish Salt & Pepper Mill

Product specifications:

Ф52 x 210mm

Product weight:


Product material:

Beech wood

Norwegian Salt & Pepper Mill

Product specifications:

Ф58 x 180mm

Product weight:


Product material:

Beech wood

Swedish Salt & Pepper MIll

Product specifications:

Φ58 x 199mm

Product weight:


Product material:

Beech wood

German Salt and Pepper Duo

Product specifications:

Ф54 x 123mm

Product weight:


Product material:

Beech wood

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your wood products made from sustainable materials?

Yes, wherever possible our wood products are crafted using FSC-certified(Forest Stewardship Council) materials, ensuring they come from responsibly managed forests.

What is FSC-certified wood?

FSC-certified wood is wood that comes from responsibly managed forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This certification ensures the wood is harvested in a way that promotes biodiversity, benefits local communities, and maintains the economic viability of the forest.

How do I know which wood is best formy product design?

Selecting a suitable wood for your product design depends on several
factors, including the intended use, aesthetics, and budget. Our experienced team is here to guide you through the selection process, recommending suitable wood types based on your specific requirements.

Which typeof wood sells best overall in the current market?

A wood’s popularity can vary based on trends and market demands. Our
sales team stays up to date with market trends and can provide insights into the best-selling woods for your target market.

How do I know whether to use awood’s natural colour, stain, or lacquer for my product?

Deciding between a wood's natural colour, stain, or lacquer is a design choice that depends on your desired appearance and finish. Natural colour highlights the wood's inherent beauty, while stains can enhance or alter the wood’s colour to match required aesthetics. Lacquer provides a protective and glossy or matt finish.

Can I get assistance with product design and wood selection?

Certainly! Our experienced team is here to support you throughout the entire product design process, including wood selection and customisation. We value collaboration and will work closely with you to bring your vision to life, creating products that align with your brand and the needs of the marketplace.

Can I request product samples before placing a mass-production order?

Absolutely! We understand the importance of product quality and design in your decision-making process. Contact our sales team to request samples and we will happily provide them for your evaluation.

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